Taylor Steinberg

Taylor is a member of the LifeOmic team focused on building tools for precision health.


Taylor works as a software engineer, data engineer, and sometimes as a data scientist. His interests include data processing using distributed systems, data modeling, statistics, real-time-search, and analytics. Since joining LifeOmic, Taylor has worked on improving LifeOmic's Precision Health Cloud. He has deployed solutions for clinical analytics, ontological search, and mobile products. Before LifeOmic, he worked at Premier on real-time causal modeling to isolate treatment effects, disparate data alignment, and hospital-level outcome prediction. In 2013 Taylor interned at Rigor where he built various tools for monitoring and benchmarking website performance.

Hobbies: coffee, music (ambient, electronica, progressive rock/metal), pets (Waffles & Pop Tart), rock climbing, skateboarding, playing drum set, and yoga.


Email (Work): [email protected]

Email (Home): [email protected]

Github: https://github.com/tdstein