Taylor Steinberg


I'm currently helping battle cancer at Ronin as a Staff Software Engineering on the Data Platform team. We're building out a state of the art MLOps platform, and we're hiring!

My passion is building distributed fault-tolerant systems. I've spent my career wearing a variety of hats; Line Cook, Maintenance Main, Intern, Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Senior Data Engineer, and most recently Staff Software Engineer.

Before this, I spent a few years at LifeOmic building tools for the Precision Health Cloud. I created solutions for search and analytics, information management, and data provenance auditing. Before LifeOmic, I worked at Premier, Inc on real-time causal modeling to isolate treatment effects, disparate data alignment, and hospital-level outcome prediction. In 2013 I interned at Rigor (acquired by Splunk), where I built various tools for monitoring and benchmarking website performance.


Email Me: [email protected]

Follow Me: https://twitter.com/tdstein

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Programming Languages: Python, Java, Scala, TypeScript, R

Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Azure, Heroku

Data Processing Frameworks: Apache Spark, Hadoop

Relational DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Key-value Stores: Amazon DynamoDB

Time Series DBMS: Apache Druid

Graph DBMS: Amazon Neptune

Search Engine: Elasticsearch, Apache Lucene

Frontend Frameworks: React, Mithril, Node.js

Security and Compliance: GDPR, HIPPA, HITRUST, SOC 2


Taking everything that coffee can offer.

Caring for my three wonderful dogs; Waffles, Pop Tart, and Bagel.

Maintaining my beautiful home and property.

Riding my skateboard around town.

Keeping up my drumming chops. I competed as a world class marching percussionist in high school and college.

Practicing yoga to keep away the aches and pains.